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Ping Ping

Ping Ping Takes A Chance


If you are expecting to read the next instalment of the further adventures of Anna as promised in the previous blog, regrettably this will have to wait pending the outcome of a court order brought by the Royal Family. Instead, we are handing this page over to Ping Ping, one of our most sought-after young girls. read more

Meet Ellen

Ellen's Tale

My name is Ellen, and I guess that I should start by telling why I decided to become an escort. I was at a college in London studying fashion design, and although I had high aspirations and creative abilities, I spent more time going out with friends than I did taking my studies seriously enough. I loved shopping for nice clothes, but I was on a grant and had very little money to spare, so when one of my girlfriends suggested that I could make a lot of money  going out on dates with strange men, I decided to give it a try; if you follow this blog to the website, you can see my page in the gallery section. read more

Anna blog

The further Adventures of Anna, Queen of the City

Anna, who you might remember from the previous blog about Crimson the high-class madam, soon became the most successful and sought-after girl in Crimson’s entourage. Whether surrounded by admirers in the Royal Enclosure at Ascot or sitting with a foreign potentate drinking champagne at a table in Annabel’s, Anna soon became the centre of attention wherever she went. Even the very richest men on Crimson’s client list sometimes had to wait for a booking to open up before they could have a date with her, and they were constantly surprised that their offers of buying her a house and setting her up as their mistress fell on deaf ears time and again; read more


A Madam’s Tale, and a young Chinese girl’s awakening

Crimson, an enigmatic and flamboyant madam, ran a very successful call girl business from her house in Knightsbridge not far from Harrods. Her clients were very wealthy, and some were famous; and her girls were all beautiful, charming and elegant enough to mix in high society. The princes, judges, film stars and sundry gentlemen of means who made up her client list expected the best and were never ever disappointed. Whether her clients just wanted a girl for an hour at a London hotel, or for a weekend booking at a villa in Capri, Crimson always had the right girl to read more